What’s Your Creative Approach?

In Chapter 2 we look at the different creative mindsets and approaches we can use in the classroom. Often we are told that “creativity” is one specific thing, but we can all be creative in different ways.

Creativity is just like ice cream, there is a lot of different flavors, and they are all good!

Here are some questions to ask after reading Chapter 2:

  • Do you have a specific creative approach?
    • The Artist
    • The Geek
    • The Architect
    • The Engineer
    • The Hacker
    • The Point Guard
  • Or is your creative approach a combination of two or three of these mindsets?
  • How does understanding your own creative approach allow you to think differently about the students in your classroom or teachers in your school?
  • How can different creative types work together and collaborate to solve problems?

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