Highlight and Improve the Product

In Chapter 9 we explore the sixth phase of the LAUNCH Cycle: Highlight and Fix.

H: Highlight and Fix
Next, they begin to highlight what’s working and fix what’s failing. The goal here is to view this revision process as an experiment full of iterations, where every mistake takes them closer to success. As they share what they’ve made, the feedback they receive will be key to the revision process.

Here are some questions to ask after reading Chapter 9:

  • What’s the difference between editing and revising during the highlighting process? Why is this important in order to facilitate?
  • How can we avoid groupthink during the design process?
  • What does the Mount Vernon story teach us about the power of highlighting and fixing?
  • Are there areas in your curriculum or schedule where you can begin to infuse this sixth phase of the LAUNCH Cycle? What about in your own professional practice?

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