John Spencer

spencer profileJohn Spencer is passionate about empowering students to become creative thinkers through design thinking. After spending twelve years as an urban middle school teacher, John is now a full-time professor of Educational Technology and a leader in creativity, design thinking, and student engagement. John has a goal of making something new each day. He is the co-founder of two educational startups and the co-author of a top-selling children’s book.

As a dad, he loves to make stuff with his children; whether it’s writing comics like “Taco Tony,” building a model roller coaster with recycled material, or making a city with Legos (which are awesome until you step on them at four in the morning).

John shares his vision for creative classrooms through his blog ( and his illustrated videos ( You can connect with him on Twitter (@spencerideas) or on his Facebook page (

A.J. Juliani

AJ JulianiA.J. Juliani is a leading educator in the area of innovation, design thinking, and inquiry-based learning. Juliani has worked as a Middle and High School English Teacher, a K-12 Technology Staff Developer, and is currently an administrator for a public school district with the title: Education and Technology Innovation Specialist.

A.J. is the author of books centered around student-agency, choice, innovative learning, and engagement. As a parent of four young children, A.J. believes we must be intentional about innovation in order to create a better future of learning for all of our students. You can connect with A.J. on his blog, “Intentional Innovation” (located at or through Twitter (@ajjuliani).